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26 April 2007 @ 08:50 am

The top ten for this week:
10. Amy Winehouse-Love the CD
9. Ransom by Julie Garwood, possibly the best romance novel ever written because it doesn't read like a romance.
8. Poison Study, Magic Study both by Maria Snyder- I love these two books and can't wait for book three next year
7. Echolibre- a livejournal community for one of my favorite authors, echo, it also has a couple of great new pieces of original work.
6. Tenhawk's Journeyverse- I reread it occaisionally and every time I do I gain a new appreciation for the man's work
5. Pride and Prejudice- not the movie but the cd.  It's all of the good music without the plotline, and is my favorite score from a movie in years
4. Enigma- Still one of my favorite movies even after all this time.  As a history buff, learning about the Enigma machine and the code breakers in England was facinating (and I love Dougray Scott and Kate Winslet)
3. The Curious Incident...- Awesome book about one person with autism and his attempts to solve the mystery of who killed a neighborhood dog.  Get past the math and it is so good.
2. Terrier by Tamora Pierce- I know this author is always on the list but I am really starting to look forward to the next book in this series (it is due in October)
1. Thank God It's Summer- Harry Potter Movie 5, Book 7, Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Bourne Supremacy, Knocked up, Next, Evan Almighty, next PIXAR film, next Anita Blake Book, Next Stephanie Plum Book, I love the summer!  There is always something to see or read.  Makes a change after the drought of the winter and spring

03 April 2007 @ 05:53 pm

Otherwise know as the Top ten!
10. Art by Katie O on DeviantArt.  Some of it is cute (okay most of it is super sugary sweet), but a lot of it is just awesome.  And you can buy it on her site! (the user pic is hers)

9. Meet the Robinsons.  So already you should have figured out that music and the movie that it belongs to should fit.  If it doesn't fit I have a hard time liking the movie.  Music for this movie was really good.  the Emotion Motion Waltz is definitely my favorite.  So the movie...

8. Meet the Robinsons.  Loved the movie.  Liked the characters and the flow of the movie.  I am 26, my brothers are 15 and 12 and they even liked it.  Favorite moment was the villian's reveal.  The Bowler Hat man is my hero.  He really knows how to let something fester inside.  I admire that in a villian.

7. Brothermine by echo. Just updated after a hiatus.  And still awesome.  If you got pissed when Sirius Black died and you don't mind a Buffy crossover it is very well written and you might enjoy it.

6.  Last Mimzy.  Good movie and had the potential to be great but it fell somewhat flat.  Still well worth the price of the ticket and the two kids are rather good actors.  And the best part of the movie is Rainn Wilson from the Office as the science teacher Buddist.

5. Weezer and Dashboard Confessional.  I am rediscovering my older cds and these guys popped up.  I forgot how good they really are.  In fact I am listening to a mix of these two bands right now and loving every minute.

4. Trickster's Choice/Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce.  I know she was just on the list, but she will probably always be on the list somehow.  This week I am rereading this pair of books.  The first is enjoyable, but the second is like poetry.  Well written, relatively happy ending and there aren't even that many loose ends.  Not much more you can ask for.

3. Nancy Drew Trailer.  My mom and I both read Nancy when we were kids.  They were her first major book series and my second one.  So the new movie about Ms. Drew brings back the happy memories.  

2. Harry Potter week of insanity.  Not the book or the movie but both within 5 days of each other.  I know fanatics and watching them run around like crazed chickens with their heads chopped off is going to my entertainment of the summer.  I mean I love the movies and the books, but I am still looking forward to laughing and pointing.  (So I'm a hypocrite, sue me)

1. "the Story" by Brandi Carlile.  Awesome song.  Check out the video on Yahoo if you don't believe me.  

And yes I know that there was more movies or music than last week and I said I was about the books, but I am still reading everything from my list last week and that was only a few days ago, so take those recomendations from last week and run with them.

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29 March 2007 @ 12:38 am
So the whole reason for creating this livejournal was to give people my opinions about books that I like (or music or movies or whatever).  So here is my top ten of the moment:
10. In Shadowside by Elizabeth Ashe (aka echo)- can't say enough.  Awesome book, great writing, likable characters.
9. Journeyverse by Tenhawk- Yes fanfiction, but right now it is making me laugh till I almost pee my pants and I love the fact that he has so many different universes peaceably co-existing.  
8. Maria Snyder's Study Series- Damn Harlequin books regular fiction division MIRA!  Now I have to buy the first two books of the series again (the new versions are trade paperback).  But make no mistake, Poison Study and Magic Study are more than worth it.  If only the third book was coming any time soon.
7. Pride and Prejudice- the movie with Kiera Knightly.  The music is so fantastic that I could forgive it if it was boring.  Thankfully, it was the best adaptation in years.  
6. Pan's Labrynth- If you have not seen it and you liked Hellboy for the effects then what the heck are you waiting for?!?  Trust me you leave going "That was so awesome!"
5. And These Three Remain- Third book of a trilogy that is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's POV.  Is the best book of the series by far, and is not nearly as bogged down as the original.  I recommend it for the fan of Austen or more likely for the fan of the Regency time period in England (and as I am a historian of that time period I loved the insight into the thinking of the times)
4. Casino Royale- Fun for the whole family.  My Mom loved Daniel Craig, my dad loved the Bond girls, my two brothers loved the explosions, and I loved watching the character of Bond become the rather cold hearted bastard we all know and love.
3. Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer- Still the queen of regency, and the attempted elopement to Gretna Green and the pug, it still makes me laugh after twelve years of reading it.  It goes on my current top ten however because I had lent all of my copies out and had none returned.  I had to have one sent from England, God Bless Ebay.  Just got it last week!
2. Terrier by Tamora Pierce- Another book I leant out and never got back.  Gave in and bought a new copy and found something out.  This book is so much better the second time around.  I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Pierce and this may grow to be her best series ever if the promise of Book 1 if fullfilled throughout.
1. "Morning Yearning" - Ben Harper- Can not make myself turn this song off.  The mellowness fits my mood of late.  

I welcome any discussion about any of this week's selections or about your favorites.  

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